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Are Golf Lesson's Worth it?

Well....I can't answer that for you. But let me give you my experience and the reasons why I coach and also have a golf coach myself, in hopes that will answer your question. In 2017, I began playing for the University of West Georgia on a golf scholarship. Being from a small town and having some okay success, I was optimistic. But boy, did I learn some things. The first 2 years were a struggle. I managed to play on the team a decent amount and had one 2nd place finish, which was massive for my confidence. But other than that, there wasn't a lot of success. A lot of searching and no answers.

I decided to turn to a golf coach. He was extremely helpful, and I cannot thank him for his support of my game. We worked on some good things in my swing which I believe has got me to the level that I am at today, but the results still weren't there. So, another coach came along. Again, it was extremely important for the development of my game and starting to understand the technique of the golf swing. But the results still weren't there. Along comes, my current coach, Shauheen Nakhjavani. Who has been able to communicate his ideas with me to a level I never thought was possible, not just about swing technique but also about the commitment level required to make swing changes. I was always wavering. Never going to the range with a clear mind on what I needed to work on. Well, that changed fast. I would say 95% of the time I know EXACTLY what I need to work on. This is all because of a golf coach.

Don't get me wrong. I still have days where I hit the ball terribly, that's golf. But just becasue I have those days, it doesn't mean I start searching. More the opposite. I understand the plan and understand the time needed to get to the level that I want to get to. So by backtracking and searching for a 'magical' swing thought, I would detract from the process of long-term improvement. Which I refuse to do. But shooting a 59 in a pro event, shooting my lowest 72-hole total, and coming 5th in one of the biggest events in NZ have started to give me the confidence that what I am working on is setting me up for success in the future.

The funny thing is that there isn't a golf coach out there that will instantly make you hit it perfectly. I don't care if it is Sean Foley, Chris Como, or Joseph Mayo; they can't just FIX your issues instantly. These golf coaches are incredible, but their information doesn't work if you don't work.

My experience with golf coaches is the reason why I was inspired to start coaching golf. I knew there were simple ways to explain complex solutions. Which can allow your average Joe to improve their golf game. My ability to communicate these are still a work in progress, but the more lessons I do, the more I feel I can articulate myself better.

I can tell you the exact way you WILL NOT improve. That's by searching every day at the driving range for your 'magic fix.' Looking for a perfect swing thought that doesn't exist. Rather, what DOES make you improve is actually committing to a swing change for months, not just a few balls. It is a tough sport, and there are no shortcuts.

The moral of the story is, I don't care whether you get a golf lesson or you don't. It is your decision. It is your golf game. But if you are someone who feels like there is more to your game than what you are showing. Then something needs to change. And maybe that thing is getting golf lessons.

Ethan Jones

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